A new survey says that practically all mothers are stressed out, no matter if they work or stay at home. No one said this was going to be easy!

The study, done by TheBump.com and Forbes Woman showed that 92% of working moms were stressed out, but so were 89% of stay-at-home moms. Well, when you have a bunch of whining, sniveling simpletons wailing at you to meet their every need and then you have to leave the office and deal with the same thing at home, it's gonna cause some stress. But we guess it doesn't even matter if women try to "have it all" anymore, because it's gonna suck no matter what happens.

The women reported that the No. 1 cause of their stress was that their partners didn't help out enough with the parenting duties. Oh, that's so like women. Just go blaming the men. The way to relieve their stress was either by telling their partners to do more or talking to other mothers about stress. Yup, nagging and bitching. Women. Sheesh!

[NYDN; image via Shutterstock]