Today we talked about how being a mom sucks forever, whether or not you work or stay at home. Just what makes being a mom suck? And does it actually suck? One commenter offered her day's schedule as sample evidence.

From someonelikeyou:

Four kids home on summer break. Also, we're the house the neighbor kids gravitate to.

Since 8am I have: threaded a needle 17 times for my six year old's sewing project; supervised the making of chocolate chip cookies; allowed older son and his friend to tear through the house making a video (Link? Zelda?); broken up at least six fights; tended to one loose tooth, one bruised head that hit the granite counter, and one sliced toe; loaded/run the dishwasher twice; served breakfast, lunch and at least two snacks x 6 kids; aborted a game of Chutes & Ladders (one cheater and one who honestly didn't know the rules - pissing off the older, rule-abiding player); taken broom from five year old who wanted to "fly" it down the front porch; heard the theme of "Johnny Test" repeatedly on Netflix stream; oh... that's all that comes quickly to mind. Also, I work. From home. Ha!

It is hard. I am stressed. However, it's what I signed up for (and truly want). And yes, my husband is the recipient of a lot of that bottled up stress. And no, he doesn't deserve it - but he's readily available.

Wow! In case you're interested, I tracked down a photo of this commenter.

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