If we as a nation were to answer the question, "What are your two biggest problems?" the response would be "We are fat and broke." Well, you can't have it all, America. But you can be broke and skinnier!

Official trend-n-angels paper USA Today notes that we, as Americans, are currently snapping up anything and every food item that comes in a smaller size, but still costs almost as much as an actual meal. Hundred-calorie packs of snacks, of which we eat five! Tiny Coke cans for kids! And Starbucks is rolling out "Bistro Boxes," tiny meals that still somehow cost $6.99! What accounts for this downsizing of our national plates, vaguely expert-sounding person?

"Americans don't want to think about it," says Carolyn Costin, a food psychologist. "We'd like to be able to stop in a place and have our food made, packaged and certified for us as just enough."

We are a nation of children, basically. And after we buy a 100-calorie snak pak, we immediately demand a bigger snak pak. More broke and very slightly skinnier: it's the American dream!

[USA Today; photo via Shutterstock]