Two days after his birthday bash, Julian Assange took his silver locks to court again today, in the latest round of his fight to keep from being extradited to Sweden to face rape and sexual assault allegations, which he says are baseless.

One of Assange's appeals has already failed, and instead of ranting on about the possibility he would end up in Guantanamo Bay if he was sent to Sweden, his new lawyer's arguments to the high court rested more on technicalities of EU law, according to reporter Robert Booth. And instead of darkly hinting that the two accusers were part of a devious Pentagon "honey trap," Assange's lawyer was more measured, according to the Guardian: "Nothing I say should be taken as denigrating the complainant, the genuineness of their feelings of regret, to trivialise their experience or to challenge whether they felt Assange's conduct was disrespectful, discourteous, disturbing."

Will the new nice guy approach get Assange off the hook? The court hearing will continue for another two days.

[Image via AP]