I heard that Hollywood manhunk Jake Gyllenhaal was going to join Bear Grylls on a frosty trek for the show Man Vs. Wild, I thought, "Great, he's never going to get shirtless in Iceland." Was I wrong!

On last night's episode—the second of two parts—Bear says they have to strip off their clothes to stay dry while crossing a river. We're sure that Jake is used to men coming up with strange excuses on why he should disrobe, so he didn't think anything of it. After all, his manager calls being shirtless "flexing your acting muscles" because apparently the only muscles he has that can act are the pectoral ones. (I'm kidding about this. If his manager talks about his acting muscle, which he probably doesn't, he's probably referring to another part of the body entirely.)

The funny thing about last night's episode was that the obligatory Brokeback Mountain jokes came before the shirtlessness. Poor Jake, no matter what he does, he's just always going to be the bottom... I mean, the butt of Brokeback jokes.