Today we wondered how the soon-released Casey Anthony will change her name and appearance. There are lots of possibilities, but two commenters collaborated to come up with the best idea.

From PGMcCullough:


Sir Reginald Filagree III, of the Mauncey Filagrees, at your service.


Then Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem added:

Be he a seafaring man? I've been retained to represent a certain whaling consortium in their search for a new commodore; their fleet has been anchored alee off the Society Islands for weeks after the last captain succumbed to bout of scurvy-induced dipsomania and leapt from the poop deck to engage a willing dolphin in sexual congress. Now the men laze about on their vessels, perilously idle and without supervision, left to their own devices they shall surely fall into perfidy and mayhem. My employers have urged me, in the most strenuous language available to their Quaker tongues, to seek out a new commodore posthaste, and dispatch him without delay to take command of the fleet and lead them forward in their divinely-ordained task of ridding the briny depths of those abominable leviathans known as the spermaceti whale. The man you've pictured appears to embody all the qualities of stern leadership and devotion to duty. Please respond if he is available for duty and you shall be rewarded handsomely.

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