Alfa Choice, a 29 year-old former high school biology teacher, drove with her 44 year-old boyfriend, Christopher Shears, to the middle of the Tappan Zee bridge yesterday morning. There, the couple parked and exited their Chevy Tahoe. Both were naked. They climbed on the roof of their car and then over the bridge's anti-suicide fence. Choice reportedly fell first, "either slipping or falling" (or possibly pushed); Shears followed her over. They were later pulled from the water nearly 200 feet below. Choice died. Shears is in critical condition. What was that all about?

"She was not a person I would think would commit suicide," said one resident, who added that Choice — who frequently dressed in black — was often visited by women, also donned in black, that she introduced as her "sisters."

The neighbor once asked Choice if she were a nun and she said, "No."

Police sources said Choice may have belonged to a cult.


[NYP. Photo: waywuwei/ Flickr]