The last time anyone saw a Sambas stream toad, also called the Bornean rainbow toad, was back in 1924 on the island of Borneo. Then last month, researchers from Sarawak Malaysia University found and photographed three of them living in trees in a remote forest on Borneo. How fascinating! And what an important discovery! But the most important question is, will licking one make you hallucinate?

In order for a toad to be able to fuck you up, it needs to have 5-MeO-DMT and/or bufotenin toxins on its skin. We have no idea if the Bornean rainbow toad has either of these toxins, but just take a look at that picture for a second. It's saying "lick me — I'm a rainbow toad, man." Any hallucinogenic toad specialists reading this? We need to know.

[Image via AP]