Remember "E-cigarettes," the electronic cigarettes of the future that we're all smoking now, thanks to the marketing genius of some rich guy? Sure, you remember. You're smoking one right now. As you know, nobody better mess with our e-cigarettes? Or else we will throw peanuts at you, or whatever else may be handy at the time in question!

The very latest example of this aforementioned dynamic in action: e-cigarette denial AIR RAGE. Southwest passenger Pogos Paul Sefilian shows those bureaucrats what happens when they come 'round tellin' us we can't be smokin' the e-cigs on the plane even if it's in the goddamn United States of America.

Sefilian "argued with the flight attendant, but stowed the device, according to the complaint. But after takeoff, he pulled it out and became enraged when the attendant again asked him to put it away, the complaint states."

The Associated Press cites the complaint as saying: "Later in the flight, (Sefilian) began to throw peanuts and pretzels at the flight attendant." He also target the cockpit door with his snack barrage, according to the Tribune.

No airline employee or part of an operating aircraft is safe from our enraged e-cigarette denial peanut barrage. Let this be a lesson, jack-booted air thugs. A lesson about e-cigarettes!

[USAT. Photo via]