Another day, another overwhelming tidal wave of scandal emanating from all corners of the News Corp media empire! Today: defiance! Arrests! And more!

  • Rupert and James Murdoch have reportedly refused to appear and testify before a British government panel investigating the News of the World phone hacking scandal. See: Rupert Murdoch, the Not Giving a Fuck Attitude of.
  • But they did graciously say they could maybe set up a date some time down the road. And former NOTW boss Rebekah Brooks will appear, which should make for some mighty good television.
  • Neil Wallis, the former editor of News of the World (2003-2009), was arrested this morning. Wooee. They're taking this stuff pretty seriously over there, aren't they?
  • Will they come for fellow former NOTW editor Piers Morgan next? One can only hope.
  • And, of course, the HOTTEST possibility: that the US Congress could decide to hold its own hearings on the scandalous behaviors of various elements of News Corp, which would be an incredible media circus. We'd put the possibility of some light, mostly-for-show hearings at "above average," and the chances for serious hearings that could have real negative effects on News Corp's US business at "low to moderate." Fingers crossed!
  • Don't forget what we told you about that News Corp stock.

[Photo: AP]