A new survey of the ever-dwindling number of employed Americans found that the number one thing people shouldn't wear to work in the summer is flip-flops. Duh! That's because flip-flops are disgusting and inappropriate.

My opposition to the scourge of flip-flops is a matter of public record, but I'm pleased to hear that most people agree with me, at least when it comes to office attire. According to the study, which was conducted by employment services company Adecco, both men and women thought the nasty thongs were inappropriate for professional occasions. And that was the only thing they agreed upon. More women than men thought that both miniskirts and sleeveless tops were inappropriate, but that's because women don't get the same thrill over seeing Lindsay in reception wearing a tube top, pencil skirt, and a pair of platform flip-flops that their male coworkers do.

The survey didn't address what men should be wearing to the office, so let's have a little informal poll in the comments, shall we? Some Gawker employees believe that men wearing nice, tailored shorts to work is acceptable. Others think it's totally wrong. How do you stand on this issue? Are men in shorts as bad as flip-flops at the office?

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