This is what happens when you give up on building a fence around your entire country: Mescans not only sneak in, but they deposit their eggs inside of us, like so many invasive wasp species:

From 2000 to 2010, about 7.2 million babies of Mexican origin were born in this country, the report found, while 4.2 million new immigrants arrived from Mexico.

While we were busy emptying our treasury to keep Mescans from sneaking in, the call was coming from inside the house. And that call was saying "Hola! You are invited to our baby shower. Love, your Mexican neighbors." And while you were off buying items at Babies 'R' Us for this baby shower, did you know that you were contributing to the slow undermining of white-person dominance in America, as well as supporting the fact that white-person couples are totally losing the baby-having war?

Scariest of all: these Mescan babies are actually American babies. How will we know who to fear? I guess we'll just use the ol' eyeball test, as usual.

[NYT. Photo: Jessicizer/ Flickr]