A famous musician's spurned lover asks advice about whether or not to release his nude photos. This actress is on the prowl for dates. And this actress spent 3K on sex toys. Wonder if she'll use them in a naked photo shoot?

1. "During high school I dated a boy who is now a successful recording artist. Things were going well between us until his career picked up toward the end of our senior year. He transformed from a level-headed, compassionate guy into someone shallow and self-absorbed. When he broke off our relationship, his words were, "I can't see you fitting into this kind of lifestyle and the crowd I'm now going to be rolling with." I was pregnant at the time (I never told him) but ended up miscarrying. The breakup and miscarriage were so emotionally devastating that I couldn't continue my schooling and had to put off college. Years later, I've been contacted by his representatives, as I'm in possession of a number of nude and compromising photographs of him, and they want to ensure these pictures never see the light of day. The photographs are on an old computer in my mother's basement that I'd almost forgotten about. All the old hurt, pain, and resentment have come rushing back. The fact that he couldn't even call me himself and left it to "his people" makes me so angry that I'm strongly considering selling these photos to a tabloid-I could use the money. Under normal circumstances it would be a terrible thing to do, but maybe I deserve this vindication. Would I be justified?" [Slate]

2. "This smoky voiced actress who used to be B list when she was on a hit show is now a struggling C with some issues. One of her issues seems to be that even though she went to an event with a date, it did not stop her from hitting on almost every guy she saw or who came up to her. Every five seconds she would excuse herself from her date, go get a number, and then come back and cozy up to the guy like nothing was going on." [CDaN]

3. "A big trend in Hollywood right now are celebrity sex toy parties (sort of like Tupperware parties) where people gather at someone's house, have treats and buy the latest sex toys on the market. This B list television actress spent over three grand at a party she attended this week." [BuzzFoto]