You can't accuse Big Food companies of failing to care about America's health. If Americans die, who will buy all the Cheetos and Kool Aid, for example? That's why Big Food is willing to make minor cosmetic concessions—for you!

Our socialist FoodBama government is currently locked in a battle with food companies over the fundamental right of food companies to sell poison to children by using colorful cartoon characters. But look, let's not demonize the fine people who manufacture our favorite toaster-borne tart snacks and animal-shaped cheez confections. They are taking concrete steps by agreeing to voluntarily police their own marketing efforts—for you!

But the new guidelines are modest and would not require food makers to change much - two-thirds of the products the companies now advertise already meet them. And the levels fall far short of nutritional standards proposed by regulators.

Another industry initiative, announced a day earlier, is aimed at improving the number of healthful offerings on children's menus at restaurants. Again, the plan set such easy targets that virtually all cooperating restaurant chains were already meeting the standard.

I don't think a few tax breaks would be too much to ask for this show of good will.

[NYT; photo via Calgary Reviews/Flickr]