Everyone knows that injecting little kids with botox is bad, but what about injecting little kids with heroin? Yes, that is also a parenting "no-no," as alleged heroin dad Jose Paul Velasquez Jr. can tell you, possibly from jail.

According to New Mexico state police, the mother of Velasquez's nine-year-old son noticed unusual track marks on the boy's neck and took him to the hospital. There, the youngster told investigators about how his dad would inject him with heroin sometimes. The police then arrested Velasquez, who's now facing charges of child abuse and contributing to a delinquency of a minor.

Though Velasquez's family members say he's a "good" father, "good" is a very subjective term! His son has tested positive for THC and opiates, so unless somebody else was giving the child weed and heroin it looks like Velasquez is going to miss out on the "Dad of the Year" championship this year (felony counts typically disqualify parents from the running).

Parents: be sure to add heroin to your list of "things not to give the kids," along with PCP, meth, nose-eating cocaine, and limb-eating crocodile. And every other illegal drug, really. Just go with ice cream. [KOAT]