A Virginia man accidentally set his house on fire while trying to cremate Thor, his dead Rottweiler, in his backyard.

When Charles Harris discovered his beloved Thor had died of unknown causes, he contacted several animal shelters to try to dispose of the body. They were all closed. He then contacted local animal hospitals, who said they'd have to bring the dog to them, but Thor was too heavy. So he set about performing a do-it-yourself cremation.

From the News & Messenger report:

The Fire Marshal's Office discovered that [Harris] allegedly tried to dispose of his 11-year-old Rottweiler, who died last week, by putting wood next to the dog's body and using gasoline to intensify the fire, Robertson said.

The fire caused $70,000 in damages to Harris's home, which is currently uninhabitable. His insurance company is covering hotel costs until repairs can be made. He also has a court date set for August 24, as it is against local law to burn without a permit. All in all, a bad week for Mr. Harris. [News & Messenger, photo via Shutterstock]