Police have captured Justin W. Durbin, a 22-year-old Oklahoma native known as the "Bentley Bandit" for his habit of stealing high-end luxury automobiles. Durbin is wanted in seven states in connection with his crimes — including Louisiana, South Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Arizona and Maryland — but it was a 2007 Bentley worth over $100,000 that he'd stolen from a dealership in Naples, Florida, that ultimately proved to be his undoing.

After a state trooper spotted the car on Thursday, Durbin led police on a six-hour chase that took him into Louisiana. He was finally detained around 10:00 pm by a small army of squad cars, police helicopters and bloodhounds, at which point he "simply put his hands in the air and said, 'It's me,'" according to Deputy U.S. Marshal Corey Britt.

His modus operandi was simple, and effective:

"His ruse is he drives in with a very nice-looking car and will come in, test drive a similar or evermore expensive vehicle and say that he wants to have his father take a look," [Naperville Police Sgt. Gregg Bell] said.

In this case, he drove in with a 2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG, which he'd stolen from an Illinois dealership on June 13.

Durbin is being held without bond in a Louisiana jail. His days of crime are behind him, but his legend will live on forever. [DailyHerald.com, Daily Mail, screengrab via Daily Mail]