Have you ever wondered what it's like to cook meth with an armed Hells Angel named California Sack? Let this ex-con and former Aryan Brother, who once made $4 million in a year cooking and selling ice, explain:

Then there was a time I was held up for five days in the desert, living in a trailer and cooking meth. Sack and I were high the entire time; we didn't wear protective gear, and the drug had seeped into every pore in our bodies. Day by day, we started losing our minds. I became convinced that the feds were watching us. We saw people, cars, and airplanes that didn't exist. At some point, we became unable to speak to one another-that's how deep the paranoia ran. Every bush had someone lurking behind it.

And now you know.

[The Daily Beast; image via Flickr/ldandersen]