Police in southern Sweden have a new tool for fighting sex crimes — a dog named Rapports Opus that is trained to sniff out sperm at crime scenes. According to English-language newspaper The Local, police in the town of Karlskrona have arrested a 23-year-old man and charged him with rape after Rapports Opus was brought to a park in the town where a woman was sexually assaulted:

The dog found traces of semen on the scene of the crime and after being sent for analysis these were found to match the 23-year-old's DNA.

"The technical evidence is very good," concluded prosecutor Mårten Alvinsson, who spoke to Sydöstran.

As one commenter on the paper's site pointed out, the training sessions for Rapports Opus must have been pretty, uh, interesting? Feel free to speculate below.

[The Local via Fark; screengrab via Aftonbladet]