This actress got so sloppy at a local bar while on location she had an "accident." These married celebrities never have sex. And this singer broke up with her man because she's having an affair with another superstar. Who could it be? We're wetting ourselves with anticipation.

1. "Which C-list actress was flying so high while on location at a small-town bar that she wet herself before making it to the bathroom? It was the talk of the sticks when the actress posed for pictures with fans during her shoot the following day." [P6]

2. "How would you like to be married to someone for a few years and have sex only a handful of times. Well, that is exactly the type of marriage a former A list movie actress and Academy Award winner/nominee has with her celebrity husband. They do always seem a little strained. Maybe a quickie would help." [CDaN]

3. "This A list singer recently broke up with her celebrity boyfriend because she was cheating on him and he found out. Hey, it happens and probably not blind item worthy. However, it is who she was cheating on him with that caused all the drama. Lets just say the entire world would freak out if they knew this singer was having sex with this other singer. Oh yeah, this will be revealed. Don't you worry about that." [CDaN]

4. "Which newly single actress/pop star's plans to relocate to NYC to be with her new actor beau have hit a major snag? Her baby-daddy is so furious he's vowed to fight her tooth and nail to keep their son on the West Coast." [Blind Gossip]

5. "This actress is probably a B-. You would all know her, but whenever she gets a lead in something it always fails. In supporting roles though it seems like she is in every movie and television show. She is everywhere. She is also getting a little bit older. That does not mean she is not still gorgeous, because she is. Apparently though, she loves her teens though because the guy she was spotted making out with and grabbing his ass, just turned 18. Hey, it's legal and it is not like a guy would not do the same thing." [CDaN]

6. "This scholarly actor who likes to use his education to give him credibility, also loves the adoration from young college coeds. At a recent event, he invited three young freshman back to his hotel room after wowing them with his superior intellect. After an alleged night of hard partying, he sent the girls on their way but made sure they were escorted out of the hotel by security with threats that they were not able to set foot back into the hotel, or to try and contact the star in any way." [BuzzFoto]

7. "Which R&B crooner asked a waitress and another blond babe for a threesome during a recent trip to Atlantic City—an offer they declined?" [P6]

8. "Which television pundit who jumped to a competing network is only getting a pittance for his appearances?" [P6]