In your sunny Monday media column: Reader's Digest is for sale (and maybe Wenner Media too?), a theory of typos, a horrific penalty for insulting Fox News, and your Immediately Discarded Rupert Murdoch Theory of the Day.

  • Reader's Digest is for sale! The WSJ says they want to get a billion dollars for it, now that the magazine's not super bankrupt like it was a couple of years ago. So much money for an aggregator! Remember how Reader's Digest killed the media, with its wanton aggregation? Yeah. Aggregators like Reader's Digest and The Week are destroying real journalism.
  • Also, Crain's says that Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media has put itself up for sale, and, indeed, has an unidentified party interested. Wenner Media denies it. But if Jann Wenner were looking for a time to cash out, he could do worse than right now.
  • Interesting theorizing from Virginia Heffernan: bad spellers tend to be ideas people, good spellers tend to be language-fetishizing "systems" people. Another theory I think deserves credence: bloggers should be exempt from getting pissy comments about all of our spelling errors, because you people should just be grateful for all of our good ideas, and you wouldn't believe the fucking work rate we have to keep up, and we have feelings just like you, god damn it. Just a theory.
  • The White House aide who called Fox News' Bret Baier "a lunatic" in recently released documents has reportedly apologized to Baier, and now they're going to have lunch together. That's pretty much the worst possible penalty.
  • "Could Rupert Murdoch's Handpicked Board Turn Against Him?" No.