It's probably not a good idea for us to step into the fray of unresolvable intra-wingnut disputes, but this clip from the Sunday version of Fox News' illiterate dementia variety hour, Fox & Friends, excellently displays the social conservatives' main problem with the presidential candidacy of one Willard "Mittens" Romney: He's a Mormon, which the social cons do not merely consider a fake form of Christianity, but not a form of Christianity at all.

The discussion surrounding Texas Gov. Rick Perry's chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination quickly took a turn for the hilarious when rent-a-host Ainsley Earhardt contrasted Perry's social credentials with those of presumptive frontrunner Mittens:

"Well the Christian coalition … I think [Rick Perry] can get a lot of money from that base because [of] Romney obviously not being a Christian … Rick Perry, he's always on talk shows, on Christian talk shows, he has days of prayer in Texas," she said.

The always-helpful Washington Post explains that "the question of whether or not Mormons are considered ‘Christians' is sensitive and controversial." Evangelicals certainly have their doubts about whether the Mormons are "Christians," but our understanding was that "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" has enough ingredients of traditional Christianity — it's centered around Jesus, and he's got magical powers, the end — to at least get the benefit of the doubt in terms of quickie political labels? Eh. Again, let's let the wingers resolve this among themselves.

[via Christian Post]