For all the talk about how Jersey Shore is the end of culture as we know it, an affront to all things great in the Garden State, and the destruction of their tourism industry, a new study found Jersey Shore has no impact at all on how many people hate the damn place.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University study found that there was little difference in people's opinions of the state depending on if they had seen the show or not: 43% of JS viewers have a favorable opinion of the state, versus 41% of people who have no idea what "smooshing" is. (Wait, almost half of all people think New Jersey is awesome? How have I never met one?) Only 18% of people surveyed said they had an unfavorable view of the Garden State. The remaining percentage of people didn't have any opinion of New Jersey or weren't aware that it exists, since geography was apparently discontinued in American schools sometime during the first Bush administration.

In fact, the show might be helping raise awareness of New Jersey and its wonderful beaches. Now will all of you people in New Jersey finally shut up about how no one on the show is really from Jersey and how it's doing all this harm? God, it's like listening to Sammi and Ronnie break up for the hundred millionth time!