Congratulations to Justin Werner, a 21-year-old from Topeka, whose recent tonsillectomy produced a rare and wonderful thing indeed: a pair of the world's largest tonsils, as verified by Guinness.

And just how big were they? The Topeka Capital-Journal investigates:

One of Werner's tonsils came in at 2.1 inches long, 1.1 inches wide, and 0.7 inch thick, and the other was 1.9 inches long, 1 inch wide and 0.7 inch thick.

That was enough to "smash" the previous record holder, a Milwaukee man named Justin Dodge, weirdly enough. Werner, who has had chronic sore throats and snoring problems for years because of his gigantic tonsils, had no idea his were the world's largest. After the doctor who removed them remarked that they were "especially impressive," measurements were taken, and Werner took it upon himself to verify that he was in possession of the largest pair on record*. And he did! He really did.

*Of tonsils. [Topeka Capital-Journal, images via Topeka Capital-Journal]