Long gone are the days of tipping cows to wile away summer nights in rural America. Now it's all about doing stupid shit so you'll get Tasered. An Emmitsburg, Maryland man named Ronald L. Divel is facing charges of burglary and failure to obey a lawful order after he stole a man's tractor, put his juvenile accomplice in the wagon, and took off into a corn field. And, according to court documents obtained by the Frederick News Post, he resisted arrest in the cornfield because he wanted to be Tasered. Why not, right?

The man told [Deputy First Class Michael] Sutton his neighbor told him his red Troy tractor and red dump cart, roughly valued at $1,600, had been stolen from his residence in the 9400 block of Waynesboro Pike, documents state.

The man told Sutton a man without a shirt and a woman, later identified as a juvenile, had taken the equipment, documents state.

The two drove the tractor down the man's driveway and onto Waynesboro Pike toward Emmitsburg, the man told police.

The man then followed them in his truck until they veered the tractor into a field of corn.

Deputy Sutton found Divel in the cornfield and zapped him in the right arm and chest. So, at least he got what he was looking for, right?

Also, we recommend setting up a "taser" Google Alert. Rarely is it disappointing.

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