CBS has released a new poster teasing the revamped, Ashton Kutcher-packed season of Two and a Half Men, and there's something unpleasant about it. All the nakedness, perhaps?

The human body is a beautiful thing, and it should be noted that oftentimes Ashton Kutcher's human body is a very beautiful thing (too bad about his human voice and human brain). But that does not mean I want to see him standing next to the naked cadavers of Angus T. Beefburger (or whatever) and Jon Cryer. Especially when Jon Cryer is doing some sort of "comedy joke" about looking at Ashton Kutcher's male parts in a way that suggests revulsion, respect, or even desire. (I mean, this is Ducky we're talking about here.) I don't know! I just do not like CBS doing a terrible gross poster for its terrible gross show (watch a few episodes and observe the sex jokes, they're like knock-knock jokes from a Playboy magazine in the '70s). Go away, everyone! Just go away. Or at least put some clothes on and get those smug smiles off your faces.