Douche and vagina soap company Summer's Eve has a new ad campaign featuring talking vagina hands imploring their owners to clean their vaginas more thoroughly. And, in case that premise isn't preposterous enough already, Summer's Eve is tailoring its message to different ethnic groups. Above, a sassy black vagina mm-hmm's while mouthing off ( lip?) about hairdos.

At right, a thong-wearing Mexican vagina says "ay-yi-yi" and rants in rapid-fire Spanish.

Last but not least, a bland white vagina with a vaguely Canadian accent whines about going to the gym.

With a product as inherently ridiculous as specialized cooter soap, Summer's Eve ads are necessarily destined for ridiculousness. But this racially stereotyped vagina hand campaign really steps it up to the next level, awfulness-wise! Good job refusing to rest on your lemony-fresh laurels, Summer's Eve.

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