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Here's a bootleg-type teaser trailer for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, a new version of the classic comic book origin story that last got a movie treatment.. nine years ago. Why so soon?

I mean for Aunt May's sake, Spider-Man 3 just came out four years ago. Why are we fussing with a whole new movie that goes back and tells the dweeby high schooler gets bit by spidah-science and gets spidah-powers story all over again? We just heard that story! Even on Broadway! And yet, inexplicably, here's this movie. I guess it's a bit like Greek myths (don't get any more ideas, Taymor), in that we just tell the same story over and over again with slight variations.

The variations in this brief (and shaky and grainy) clip seem to be that they've darkened up the look from Sam Raimi's 2002 version and maybe given the proceedings a little more heft and seriousness than Tobey Maguire's male Kewpie doll mumbling stuff could ever muster. Stepping into the latex is British-American actor Andrew Garfield, who you may remember from The Social Network and my wedding to him this past spring. (Only one of those is true.) He seems to fill out the suit nicely, and though we don't to hear him talk much in this, I think in a general sense he's well cast as Peter Parker. Better cast, perhaps, than Maguire, who always acted a bit too wounded kitten about the whole stupid thing.

Marc Webb proved himself a visually inventive, if a bit pomo and twee, director with his silly (500) Days of Summer, so it will be interesting to see what he adds to the Spider-Man canon. I don't know. Is it weird that I feel like this could have the potential to be a real big bomb? In that everyone just saw this and might be sick of it? Or if not a bomb, maybe an X-Men: First Class-style underwhelmment? The movie's not out until next summer, so there's definitely time for buzz to build, but how do you really advertise it? "See the same story you saw ten years ago, just slightly different!" Doesn't really work for me.

What do you think? Are we ready so soon for another new version? Or will this be the Superman Returns of the Spider-Man franchise? [via Queerty]