The State Department announced today that it won't seek extradition from Canada for Randy Quaid and his bonkers wife Evi so that they can stand trial for vandalism in Santa Barbara. Think of it this way: we traded Canada one Bieber for two Quaids!

After a string of erratic behavior, the couple went on the run from a cabal they call the "Hollywood star whackers" that they thought was stealing their money and trying to kill them. They were arrested for squatting in their old house and eventually charged with vandalism for defacing the property. They subsequently escaped to Vancouver and skipped several court dates.

I guess they're not really that important to go after, so either the "star whackers" got what they wanted or they have something more devious in mind. Before you get all broken up, remember that Roman Polanski worked in exile for many years, so all your hopes of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2: The Shitter's Full aren't dashed yet.

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