Louisiana police arrested Jeffery Larcade on Friday for "video voyeurism" after one of his coworkers discovered his hidden camera duct taped to a urinal in the office. Is there no sacred space left in America?

What Larcade did was even worse than the traffic lawyer who barged in and snapped some pictures in the courthouse bathroom. That was a one-time intrusion whereas this was systematic and planned out. He's been filming at the urinal for quite a bit of time while working at the Department of Planning, Zoning and Codes in Lafayette, Louisiana, and the memory card on the camera revealed footage of several coworkers' main veins that were filmed while being drained. That is just, er, ballsy.

As shockwaves were felt in the urinal cam community, Larade was released on $10,000 bond and will stand trail in the near future. Meanwhile the war against the American male's privacy and dominance continues, one barged-in bathroom stall at a time.

[Images via Lafayette Police Department and Shutterstock]