The Bluegrass Fair in Lexington, Kentucky, has introduced a new, somewhat controversial attraction to their annual festivities: a Casey Anthony dunking booth!

Wind up and take aim at your choice of two targets — "Guilty" or "Innocent" — as a living effigy taunts you from her perch. (Much to her credit, Dunkable Casey keeps the heckling 100% bias-free, never once indulging the impulse to shout easy lines like, "I could throw better with my good arm duct-taped behind my back!," "Something stinks around this dunk tank: Your aim!," or "Maybe you should have Google searched 'better form' 84 times!")

Reaction has been decidedly mixed. Not surprisingly, some patrons find it in the poorest of taste, but others seem to enjoy having an opportunity to take out their post-verdict frustrations on an Anthony lookalike that doesn't require them running her off a road in a minivan. [WKYT, screengrab via WKYT]