Fox News's stunningly even-handed coverage of Rupert Murdoch's Barbasol-smeared troubles continues with The O'Reilly Factor. Host Bill O'Reilly prodded Tuesday night's yespert — that would be Nile Gardiner, Ph.D. — to back up his assertion that the widespread attention the case is receiving in the U.S. is fueled by the media's radical left agenda:

"You have The New York Times absolutely running wild with the story. Front page, front page, front page. Column, column, column. Vicious stuff, vicious stuff. And it's all ideological, is it not?"

Well, Nile? Is it not, is it not, is it not?

It is! It is!

"Yeah, I think we are seeing, Bill, the beginning of a witch hunt against Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation here in the United States. ... There is not a shred of evidence whatsoever that the U.S. side of News Corporation has been involved in any of these scandals.

Bill knew it! Have you no sense of decency, lamestream media, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

[via Business Insider]