If you're like everyone else these days, you occasionally ask yourself, "What's the dumbest way that can I blow some of my disposable income?" Remember when State Senator Steve Smith (the "birther bill" guy) hatched a plan to accept donations to help build a fence along Arizona's border with Mexico? Well, their website went live today!

We already know that they've thought about offering really exciting things like certificates as a thank you for donations. And now they're giving details on just how your money will be spent:

100% of the funds raised through this donation service will be held in a trust fund account in the Arizona State Treasury's office and will be used only for the www.buildtheborderfence.com initiative.
This organization will be allowed to administer any monies for the construction and maintenance of the border fence.

Pretty straight forward. The only problem is that the idea as a whole is fucking stupid. The Times today recalls a statement made six years ago by then-Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano: "You show me a 50-foot wall and I'll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border." Senator Smith also wrote a letter, which was posted to the site. He warns of terrorists learning to speak Spanish and then rushing across the border to terrorize tract homes in Phoenix. Then he quotes JFK and tugs at the ol' American heart strings:

It is at this time in our country's history that you can do your part to help make America safe for future generations. We as a nation can once again show the world the resolve and the can-do spirit of the American people.

So if you really are afraid of brown people want to keep America safe, then send this man your money.

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