Birth control isn't free, my friends. I mean condoms cost a few bucks and then some of the fancier technologies that girls get cost—Christ, I don't know, but it has to run into the hundreds. So you can't expect the health insurance industry to bankrupt itself just to subsidize every lout's ability to fuck conveniently! Or can you?

Yes you can, thanks to a NObama administration-sponsored government panel's new recommendations, which will likely force all health insurance companies to subsidize unlimited harlotry by 2013: free contraceptives for women in all health insurance plans! From the NYT:

Administration officials, who say they hope to act on the recommendations by Aug. 1, are receptive to the idea of removing cost as a barrier to birth control - a longtime goal of advocates for women's rights and experts on women's health.

Making it easier for everyone to walk around having sex, all the time, with no babies to mess everything up for the next 18 years? Oh. No. That is terrible. It fairly boggles the mind, thinking about all those sexually mature women wandering around with their free contraceptives, anxiously searching for a partner with which to use them, always knowing that there's more where that came from, courtesy of the US taxpayer. Don't even think about it, in public.

[Photo via Sarah C/Flickr]