Shellacked television impresario Ryan Seacrest is teaming up with America's fabulous gay cousin, the Bravo network, to create the next thing in "omg-look-at-those-ethnic-freaks" reality programming. It's called Shahs of Sunset and is about wealthy Persian people.

No, Seacrest and company aren't going to start an international incident by traveling to Iran and filming people doing terrible things on the beaches of Nowshahr. The "Sunset" in the title is Sunset Boulevard, as in Los Angeles.

As briefly seen in the documentary Clueless (that's real, right?), the Westside of LA is teeming with wealthy Iranians and their offspring. From the Los Angeles Times:

"Armed with chromed-out cars, logo-ridden purses and designer outfits, they've got it and they're not afraid to flaunt it," Bravo said in a statement, while adding that the group also "knows the value of family and tradition."

Oh good, family and tradition, but also spending crazy money and just being all around wild and weird. Sounds great. And, hey, this only encourages me to keep on working on the reality show I'm producing, about the wacky Azoreans of Fall River, MA. It's gonna be crazy! [LAT, photo via Getty Images]