This TV star needs to lose some pounds before her big wedding day. This singer is trying to start a feud. This cooking star is having a family feud. And this TV star is feuding with his costars. At least our blushing bride's only fighting the battle of the bulge.

1. "Which TV personality is having HUGE issues with her designer wedding dress because she can barely squeeze into it? The desperate-to-be-thin bride-to-be has now resorted to crash-dieting for her big day." [National Equirer]

2. "This up and coming singer is probably B list right now with a string of hits under her belt and a high profile opening slot for someone else. Anyway, I hate to see what she will be like when she is A list if this quote is any indication. Someone asked her whether she thought she could be the next Mary J Blige and our singer said, 'Mary J Blige? More like Mary J Goodbye. There is a new queen now.'" [CDaN]

3. "This cooking show superstar is squabbling with her relatives over the future direction of her food empire – and the TV star's family feud has the popular chef so steamed that she's even amended her will! Who is she?" [Blind Gossip]

4. "This group of actors from a hit HBO show were out at a party at a hotel when a girl at the party got so wasted she passed out in the swimming pool. She was allegedly one of the better looking girls at the party and the moment she was out, she was surrounded by a load of men that tried to take her up to their room to ‘recuperate.' This lead character from the group of actors saw what was happening, grabbed the girl from the man who was carrying her up to his hotel room even though it created a stir, took her to the front desk, bought a room for her, and with the help of his costars, put her in the room and quietly left so she could sleep it off." [BuzzFoto]