San Francisco supervisors voted 10-1 to require mobile phone dealers to warn customers about radiation from wireless handsets. Can't wait to see where they put that sign in the Apple store.

The law still needs the mayor's signature, but he's reportedly a supporter. And this legislation is not expected to be as contentious as a law that got San Francisco sued by the wireless industry last year; that rule required shops to post specific radiation figures for each phone they carried. This time around, retailers merely have to disclose "that the cell phones they sell emit radio-frequency energy absorbed by the head and body, and provide information on how to limit exposure," as the San Francisco Chronicle puts it. See? They don't even have to mention that pesky warning from the loonies at the World Health Organization about how mobile phones are maybe carcinogenic. In fact, we'd lay ten bucks they'll incorporate this disclosure into some kind of "cancer protection headset" upsell.

[Image via Shutterstock]