Today we heard the obvious fact that Americans be drinkin'. Oh how we be drinkin'. But are we all binge drinkers? That definition seems a little stringent, says one commenter.

From senile groucho marx:

I love the definition of "binge drinking". Anything at or above 5 drinks is considered "binge drinking" and will of course indelibly lead to mental retardation, death and wrinkles.

Five drinks is enough to get a good buzz going. It the equivalent of a standard bottle of wine. Drinking a bottle of wine over the course of an evening is hardly "binge" drinking.

A rousing discussion ensued, of course. And not to tip my hand or anything, but drinking a bottle of wine in a night is not binge drinking. Um. I hope. 'Cause I'm a about to do itttt, with my Game of Thrones booook.

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