Despite threats from the U.S. State Department last summer that Kim Jong-il would no longer be able to buy jet skis and Iranian caviar, he's still shelling out millions of dollars on everything from Rolex watches to Gucci handbags for his top officials and he's even having McDonald's delivered by airplane from China, according to the Korea Herald.

The paper spoke with customs officials in Beijing, who said North Korea in the past year spent $7.5 million on Marlboros and Mild Sevens, as well as $2.4 million on Hennessy and Japanese beer. Kim's spending on cigarettes alone is up 117 percent from last year. These latest revelations are a little disappointing. Aside from the fact that millions of North Koreans are starving, Kim Jong-il is known for his expensive taste in everything from whiskey to seafood. And now we're learning that he's ordering McDonald's on a daily basis? If he's going to sink that low, at least he could kidnap an entire McDonald's staff and open up a franchise at his palace.

[Image via AP]