Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut have arrested 29-year-old Juliette Dunn after she was seen making her 4-year-old son chug a 40-ounce of Steel Reserve at a playground. Witnesses said that she called her son an alcoholic afterward. Oh, and her 10-month-old baby girl tested positive for cocaine.

According to the Connecticut Post, Dunn's 4-year-old son told a social worker that he's a fan of Natty Ice and Budweiser, but doesn't really like Dog-Bite beer. His mom also gives him a bottle of beer every day. After doctors discovered cocaine in her baby's system, Dunn told police she had no idea how that happened since she doesn't breastfeed. It's pretty safe to say that Juliette Dunn has earned her place in the Pantheon of bad parenting.

[CT Post; image via Flickr/kevwhelan]