The people who sell milk (who ARE those people?) started an edgy and viral marketing campaign last month based on the scientific(?) fact that milk can help ease PMS symptoms in women. The edgy part was that the campaign was aimed at dudes, the ones who suffer most when chicks are on the rag! "Slip your bitch some milk," I think was the underlying message.

Anyhow, some ladies in the media who haha were probably, you know, at that time of the month got all upset about this campaign, and now Big Milk has pulled it entirely. But! They're not just going to let jokes like this disappear into the ether; they're turning this whole thing into a teachable moment, by putting up another website about how stupid the last fucking campaign was, or maybe not, you decide?

Taking down is "not a failure in any way," [California milk board director Steve James] added. "I don't see it as ending it or pulling the plug."

"We accomplished what we set out to accomplish," Mr. James said, citing visits to the microsite and conversations about the campaign.

We got women whining—about milk! And wasn't that worthwhile, since they would have been whining about something or other, anyhow? Whoa, ladies! We apologize, haha. Have some milk and calm down!