This morning, down in the desert deeps of El Paso, a 5-year-old child was found, at 1 am, behind the wheel of his mother's minivan after driving it into a pole. The boy tried to flee the scene but was caught. His intended destination? Candy.

Yes, it seems the lad was out on a determined candy mission, but was, as so often happens in our difficult lives, sadly thwarted. Sigh. But he was almost there, the little bastard! He'd almost made it to the promised land, to his candy. And some days, most days, aren't we all this child? Driving through the dark of the night, mad with desire, chasing after some big general want, if not candy then "love" or "success" or elusive fame and fortune. But then of course the poles and police of this world intervene and we're taken back home and put to bed, where all we can do is close our eyes and dream. [El Paso Times; image via Shutterstock]