Everything that Justin Timberlake owns is a sex something, so here's the New York City sex condo he just sold for $4.4 million. That figure is about 10% under what he bought the place for in 2008, but that slight loss is a drop in the bucket for the budding movie star.

I guess the crib's three bedrooms and "14 floor-to-ceiling arched windows" weren't cool. What is cool is a wrap-around terrace, which the new place he bought in Soho has. So T'lakes is moving on up! Or mostly over, just a little bit up. No word on who actually bought the old Tribeca place, but you can be sure they'll have some very sexy times in it, before the residual sexiness dries up and blows away. [WSJ via Curbed; photo of Timberlake via Getty]