The feature-length movie about Sarah Palin by Sarah Palin released just 10 days ago, The Undefeated, is headed to the small screen soon. According to ARC Entertainment, "beginning on September 1st the film will be available to 75 million homes" for a fee, of course. The producer adds via press release:

"This title is absolutely perfect for Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View backed by a traditional and significant marketing campaign. We are incredibly excited about having this film made available to the entire country earlier than expected," said Glenn Bracken Evans, the film's producer. "A traditional windowed release would not have allowed us to maximize viewership of this highly sought after film," continued Evans.

In other words, no one gave a shit about this in theaters so we're quickly moving on to plan b and we're just so excited! Nothing says "undefeated" like a rush to pay-per-view.

[Fox Nation, thanks onebadclam for the tip]