At the end of last night's fluffy-duffy speech to the public about the debt ceiling, President Obama urged everyone to call their representatives to request his "balanced" approach to deficit reduction, which apparently means $3 trillion dollars in spending cuts along with zero dollars in new tax revenue. What the hell was he talking about? Who cares! Because people too his cue, and are now breaking the phone system.

So if you want to call in your support for the Barack Obama Balanced Approach for Zero Revenues to Match Trillions In Spending Cuts — or perhaps even support for a modified, alternate package! — you should follow these directions that were distributed in Congress this morning:

From: Call Center
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 09:57 AM
To: System Administrators, All
Subject: System Alert - House Telephone Circuits Near Capacity

Due to the high volume of external calls, House telephone circuits serving 202-225-XXXX phone numbers are near capacity resulting in outside callers occasionally getting busy signals. Outbound calls are unaffected.

During this time offices may wish to provide district office staff and key contacts with an alternate 202-226-XXXX extension, if available, until call volumes subside.

If you have any questions, please contact the CAO Technology Call Center at 5-6002 or 1-800-HIR-USER.

So just call those 226 numbers and say, "The President knows what it's like to sit around a kitchen table and pay bills, while tightening his belt, figuratively, and preserving junior's college fund, and so on. I support budget cuts. Goodbye forever."

[Image via AP]