Everyone's favorite lawyer show has been renewed for a second season. Cue champagne! Also today: John Goodman will make you laugh, Mimi Leder will make you cry, and Haley Reinhart will make you...dance?

  • Sweet misty relief, TNT has gone and answered our prayers. Namely they've renewed their two rockin' lawyer dudes show Franklin & Bash for a second season. That's classic Franklin, TNT. Or is it total Bash? It's something, TNT. It says something about you that you renewed this hilarious show about two cocky lawyers eating boobs and murdering women. I mean, wait? I don't actually know what this show is about. I'm just assuming they murder women? Otherwise the women they take home would escape and tell everyone that Franklin and Bash sleep together in the same race car bed and that would be so embarrassing when they got back to the law office the next day. "Do you guys... sleep in the same race car bed?" "SHUT UP STACY!!!" [Franklin and Bash run away.] (I'm assuming there's a character named Stacy.) So yeah. Franklin & Bash are renewed for a second season and they will continue to be awesome bros who murder women and then go to sleep in their race car bed. Good thing. [THR]
  • Jolly old fat man John Goodman is taking some time away from the water-ravaged wilds of New Orleans to go back to school. Well, actually, he'll be a dean. Of the community college on Community! Yes, King Ralph himself has joined the cast of NBC's manically self-aware (but still funny!) sitcom, for "at least six episodes." This is good. John Goodman is funny. Community is funny (diehard Community fans on the other hand...). They are a good match, in terms of funniness. Go Goodman! [Vulture]
  • Lloyd just got a promotion! Rex Lee, who plays Ari Gold's little geisha boi on Men's Town, has landed a regular role on the upcoming show Suburgatory. So that's good for him. Though, uh, that title. That terrible, terrible title. Suburgatory. That's really bad, right? I'm sorry I just think it's bad. Whatever, opinions are like assholes: poop comes out of them. Carry on, Lloyd! [Deadline]
  • Though its currently in its eighth season and has been on and off the air for eleven years now, HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm is doing better than practically ever before. This past Sunday's (wonderful, ballsy) episode nabbed 2.4 million pairs of eyeballs, making it the most-watched episode since 2004. Amazing! It's really humming along this season, so I'm glad folks are watching. What I am glad folks are not watching is the little conductor dance I do during the opening theme song, arm flailing wildly on the big WHUMP-woomp part. Can't help it! Happens every time. I just love that damn whump-woomp. [Deadline]
  • Fans of justice ought to rejoice, because an egregious American Idol wrong has been righted. No, they haven't put Danny Gokey in jail. They've given last season's shoulda-been-the-winner Haley Reinhart a record deal! Yeah, 19 Entertainment/Interscope will make an album with her that, one assumes, will be called Growl! Scratch!: The Adventures of Growlscratch, a concept album in which Haley sings as her alter ego Growlscratch, a cat person who roams the countryside getting in adventures. Look for songs such as "Meowshriek's Melody," "Roarkitty!" and "Let's Put Danny Gokey In Jail." It's gonna be a good one. (The joke is that Haley has a scratchy voice and yelled a lot on the show, that's all.) [EW]
  • Kaley Cuoco, the boobs one on Big Bang Theory, has been tapped by Johnny Galecki to host the Teen Choice Awards this year. Oh the Teen Choice Awards are big awards. Literally! They're surfboards. Because of teens! Kaley will introduce presenters and musical acts and whatnot and presumably tell some jokes, while all the creepos and Pervy Mervys and the like mill about choosing their teens. That's what Teen Choice means right? [THR]
  • Mimi Leder, the director who was doing fine (The Peacemaker, Deep Impact, the "Love's Labor Lost" episode of ER) until a little movie called Pay It Forward happened, has just agreed to direct a new adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front. So good for her! She's good, I like her. And before you grumble about "Oh, damn remakes," let's keep in mind that the first All Quiet movie came out eighty-one years ago, so it's probably OK to do another one. Though, just you wait until all the patriots of this nation realize that it's about a German during WWI, not an American. A German! That we're supposed to sympathize with! Just despicable. [Deadline]