If you're going to fail your driving test, you might as well go out with a bang — and a crash, directly into the Department of Motor Vehicles. That's what happened to a male driving student (not the one pictured) who rammed his car into the side of the Roseville, Ca., DMV on Monday evening when he accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.

The accident left a five-foot hole in the side of the building, which will be closed for the rest of the week. The DMV is also "considering issuing a warning to instructors" to avoid using their parking lot for driving lessons. Considering similar accidents have happened "at least three other times" in the past five years, that sounds like a pretty good idea.

There's amusing photos of the boarded-up hole, and people sitting in chairs in the DMV parking lot, here. Watch out, guys! Student drivers on the loose! [sacbee.com, image via Shutterstock]