Twitter lit up midday in New York City today over reports of a hostage situation in the Flatiron building after a troop of police showed up outside. It wasn't a hostage situation, however. It was a waving a pistol in your apartment while wearing jorts situation.

Apparently, people inside the Flatiron building were told around 3 p.m. to "stay away from the windows" because of "possible gunfire." So, of course, everyone Tweeted about it; a report that the "Argo Tea Cafe" evacuated its customers led to stories that the hostage situation was taking place inside the business (it wasn't). The New York Observer heard "[r]eports of bomb disarming robots, swat teams and cops on the roof."

Of course, as always, it wasn't nearly that exciting. According to the New York Daily News, the gentleman in the above photograph waved a pistol at a window washer from his apartment, leading the window washer to call the cops; the Post writes that he's a "hoarder" who "usually wears a colorful bandanna and sits on a fire hydrant on his block."

After a brief standoff, he turned himself in with no injury. And, if anything, he's provided us with the greatest gift of all—that photograph, featuring the suspect in jorts and a shirt advertising the Tim Allen Amish-themed romantic comedy For Richer or Poorer. If only he had the bandana, too!