Today we learned that science has determined that The Champ is the saddest movie ever. Hm, OK. It is pretty sad. Of course many of you chimed in with your own picks, but one commenter in particular had a very interesting choice.

From SofaQueen:

Clearly, Set It Off wasn't a movie they viewed.
If you haven't seen the movie, its about four friends who are also female that decide they've had enough of being broke and go out and rob some banks. They get away with it for a while, but eventually they all get dead someway or another. One is killed during the last bank heist. One is shot almost pointblank in the head, in front of several news cameras. One is shot about 145,000 times outside of her 73(?) Caddy, that was a POS at first but was turned into a treasure (Through her bank robbery funds) and one escapes to Mexico with the final haul, but no friends to share it with. She then proceeds to have one of the worst (saddest) montage/ memory things in the history of movies while simultaneously being serenaded by Brandy, Aretha Franklin and a host of other black ladies with voices so strong. I'm sorry, what was the subject?

That does sound pretty sad? Also, SPOILER ALERT.