At some point, maybe Speaker John Boehner will become good at his job and round up enough House Republicans to pass his go-nowhere debt ceiling bill. Maybe. Because Congress has other, much more important business to attend to this afternoon, like signing up for a football game.

Here's an email that went out on Capitol Hill staffer listservs yesterday about today's actual most important meeting:

From: Webster, Kara
Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2011 3:29 PM
Subject: Congressional Football Game - MEMBERS MEETING TOMORROW after votes

Hi *MORE* Republican Schedulers!

We wanted to alert you that Reps. Shuler, Shuster and Runyan will hold an organizational meeting TOMORROW, Friday, July 29th after First Votes in Room H-122 about the upcoming Congressional Football Game.

*First Votes are expected to end between 1:00 and 1:30pm.

They are looking to recruit players, inform your bosses about a tentative practice schedule (which will kick-off when we come back in September), and let your bosses know the possible dates we are looking to hold the game (Oct. 12th or 13th).

Also – this will be a FLAG Football game; however, we may have everyone wear helmets in the off-chance there is a collision.

We hope your bosses will come to the meeting and will want to play in the game!!!

Thanks so much!

Kara Webster

Congressman Jon Runyan
Third District, New Jersey
U.S. House of Representatives

Why would they wear helmets for flag football? Because they're terrible. Also, because Jon Runyan is a 100-foot-tall monster who was actually playing NFL football two years ago.

[Image of Rep. Jon Runyan via AP]